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Survey rover terrain trials

KESS2 Robotics Placement: Coastal Research Autonomous Navigation Crawler (CRANC)

The WCMC funded by the 4 Coastal Groups (in Wales) and partnered with KESS2 and Aberystwyth University have begun a project to develop a low cost autonomous survey rover.


The 15 month project started in November 2020 and has been challenged to deliver:

- Kinematic accuracy GNSS surveying (to meet WCMC 3D Plan specification)

- Components <£1000

- Package including a shopping list, software and construction manual freely available to all.

Kess2 Robotics

Utilising drone developments - providing low cost, compact, survey accuracy positioning systems and autonomous software, the rover has the potential to:

- Increase production of data collection tenfold (multiple rovers per surveyor)

- Provide access to night tides, currently not safe for surveyors, potentially doubling available tidal windows

- Survey areas currently not accessible on foot or ATV such as estuarine or mud

- Reduce environmental impact of ATV

- Remove people from the water's edge increasing safety

Camera circuit

Research Data


Have you checked out our additional data map? Click here to be 'sign posted' to academic datasets freely available on the coast of Wales 

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