Survey Programme Map - reported live! Last Update 06/07/2021

This map displays all planned surveys and their current progress (fieldwork and processing). This includes dates of surveys (weather permitting). Updates are made on a Monday.

The survey programme lookup table can be downloaded here

Data for completed surveys can be downloaded here

WCMC Survey Progress

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Operational Wave and Water Model (OWWL)

Operational Wave and Water Model Logo

Coastal floods occur when big tides coincide with storms, producing a storm surge.

The Operational Wave and Water Level Forecast Model uses the latest weather forecasts and wave measurements to forecast coastal floods, it is free for anyone to sign up.

The model is regularly updated with our beach survey profiles, measured (up to) twice a year, it also integrates real-time wavebuoy and Met Office readings to forecast coastal flooding (wave and water level overtopping).

It has been operational in S.Wales since November 2020.