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WCMC Stakeholder Event 17/10/2023


We extend our gratitude to the 33 attendees of the WCMC's 3rd annual stakeholder event for their presence and active participation in the polls (the results of which can be found below). We also express our special appreciation to our esteemed speakers, Justin Ridgewell, Senior Coastal Advisor at the Environment Agency, and Clive Moon, Chair of the WCMC Consortium. Clive commenced the stakeholder event with a welcoming address; however, regrettably, it was not recorded.

WCMC Update 

Gwyn Nelson provided a comprehensive annual program update, covering a range of topics including the current team, survey progress, NRW assents, contractor performance, and much more.

 Bude, Cornwall - A Case Study

Guest presenter, Justin Ridgewell, highlighted the importance of coastal monitoring data in his presentation on the Bude coastal change project. A project where coastal monitoring data has been used to develop flooding and erosion models that have in turn resulted in increased funding allocations to this area.


Ben Ranson delivered a presentation on the ongoing expansion of the CoastSnap citizen science project, a collaborative initiative with the Wales Coast Path team.

Data Reporting

Will Russell led an interactive presentation on data reporting, posing five questions to the stakeholders in attendance. Below, you can find the results of the anonymous polls.

Poll Results

A Newcomers Guide to the WCMC

Gwyn Nelson concluded the 2023 annual stakeholder event with an insightful 'WCMC 101' presentation, catering to both newcomers to the WCMC and attendees seeking a comprehensive refresher on all things WCMC.

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