Coastal Risk Map updated 21/02/20

Through the WCMC schools programme our children have been using this interactive map to look at risks on the coastline, use the layers tool above to find out:

- Is your favourite beach or even house, at risk of a 1 in 200 year coastal flood event?

- How fast is the coastline eroding near you? Will houses fall into the sea? When?

- We combined all coastal risks and made our risk score of the coastline or RBM. Compared to the rest of Wales, does your coastline have a high risk score? For more information about our RBM document click here.

The tidal flood risk model and coastal erosion risk model were developed by Natural Resources Wales, more information can be found here

Are you prepared if a flood hit your house? What could you do? Learn more

Have you made a personal flood plan? Learn more

Climate Change and Coasts Y6 - Welsh Curriculum 2022

The Climate Change and Coasts Programme was developed by Barry Island Primary School and The WCMC in 2019/20 inline with the new Welsh Curriculum 2022. 

Please ask us and we will endeavour to deliver lesson 1 at your Welsh school and support you through the remaining 10 lesson programme.

We encourage the classes to make a short video message to send to an international school of your choice who are experiencing the impacts of climate change.

Special thank you to Miss L.Phillips of Barry Island Primary School and Professor Allan Williams who made the schools programme possible.  Thank you to all the Universities and schools for your contributions.

For teachers - Our lesson plans are being developed but will be accessible before September 2021 - Sample slides below

Climate Change Case Studies (requires google chrome browser)

See our 360 tour case studies of locations dealing with Climate Change in Wales and Internationally.

Find the example below of one of our Wales Case Studies - Llandtwit Major.

W1 - Llantwit Major Beach is situated on the Southern coastline of Wales, UK lying at the end of a small valley that was once home to a larger river than the current stream.


The beach is part of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and experiences dramatic erosion including cliff falls which have caused fatalities. Cliff falls can reveal Jurassic fossils, including corals, giant brachiopods, gastropods and the bones of Ichthyosaurus.

Credits: Prof. Allan Williams, Gwyn Nelson