A national, risk-based approach to coastal monitoring in Wales 

The Risk-Based Methodology (RBM) has been designed to improve the consistency of coastal data collection to support FCERM decisions when determining high-risk sites. To find out more click here


Climate change and Coastal Education Programme 

The education programme has been developed to help provide KS2 students with the skillset they will need to help mitigate the impacts of the changing climate. The programme has been developed alongside Barry Island Primary School and takes into consideration MAT and ALN requirements.  To find out more click here


Efficient method for processing LiDAR data

The Point Cloud Techniques comparison has been designed to automate the processing of point cloud data to improve efficiency. To find out more click here


A nation-wide classification of offshore risk

The Bathymetric RBM has been developed to provide an understanding of system-wide influences on coastal erosion and inshore flood risk to support FCERM decisions. To find out more click here


Coastal Research Autonomous Navigation Crawler (CRANC)

The WCMC funded by the 4 Coastal Groups (in Wales) and KESS2 and partnered  Aberystwyth University have begun a project to develop a low cost autonomous survey rover. To find out more click here

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The Operational Wave and Water Level model (OWWL)

The Operational Wave and Water Level model (OWWL) has been developed in SW England, in an effort to better predict coastal floods. The WCMC partnered with SWEEP to extend the OWWL forecasting model to cover South Wales. To find out more click here


Weather data assessment of coastal survey techniques

An assessment of surveying techniques using historic meteorological/tide data was conducted to determine the most reliable method at a given location. The WCMC, GEOM and ERDF joined together to create a universal tool, that would help determine this. To find out more click here

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What is the value of surveying to Mean Low Water Spring?

The WCMC specification requires all programme data to be collected to or below MLWS. WCMC are now conducting an investigation into the value of surveying to MLWS, due to its impacts on operational windows and the programme. To find out more click here